About Us

NAIS provides life cycle AI analysis of various organization/business nodes, based on the input feeds.

Nodes can be registered in the Information system or programmatically detected within more complex nodes, as information points for any business object (such as products, services, web sites, campaigns etc.) for which some data regarding its activity can be collected (for instance sales, user feedback, usage level etc.)

Input feeds for analysis can be provided from the firm’s direct feeds, Information System (via Drupal Plugin), structured web information (such as user feedback), social networks (such as Twitter) and IoT (Internet of Things i.e. product usage) data.

NAIS functions are provided through annual subscription. User interface web application can be hosted on NAIS servers, cloud-based or supported in-house.

In addition to secure information transmission between system servers, NAIS ensure safety of business data by agnostic AI processing of nodes and their attribute - only the client web application can map node and attribute IDs to the semantic business objects and properties. NAIS services would thus perform semantic-free, objective analysis and return the results to the client web app to be mapped to business objects in the closed environment.

The reporting system will show the activity trends of any registered node of NAIS customer organizations and it will support zooming in and out the node hierarchy, as presented below.